Microsoft Teams Emojis

Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of emojis that can be used in chats. You can either find the emojis in the reaction picker or type the shortcuts into a message to make the emoji appear when you send your message. If an emoji in the picker has a gray dot beside it, you can personalize it before sending. You can view all available emojis and their keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams (free) by referring to the table provided in this Microsoft support article.

In February 2022, Microsoft released a new Fluent Emojis update, refreshing 1800+ emojis. The new emojis bring a modern and delightful new version of the emojis we use. The update is available for select Microsoft Teams users, but is expected to be available for all users across both Work & School and Home additions in the near future. You can find more information about the Fluent Emojis update in this Microsoft Tech Community article.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams includes 3D renderings of the Fluent emoji set that make its debut within Windows 11’s November 2021 update. Many of these 3D emoji renderings are also animated. You can find a list of emojis available in Microsoft Teams on Emojipedia. As of July 2022, some users have reported that Microsoft Teams has updated its emojis, with some users finding the new smiley face emoji to look like a creepy joker. However, this update has not been confirmed by Microsoft.